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Are you seeking a unique, organized, custom-designed learning experience for your students? Our Mobile Agriculture Education Science Lab arrives complete with all lessons, supplies and a certified teacher!

Request information on scheduling the lab by email to:  Michelle Bailey

Cost (One week visit to school):Based on WVDE County School Calendar



School's Benefit:

  • Co-curricular lesson plans
  • Choice of curriculum
  • Flexible scheduling tailored to meet each individual school size
  • Week-long visit to your school
  • NO student transport
  • Can serve 125+ students a day – 650+ a week
  • Handicap accessible
  • Climate controlled
  • Regular classroom teacher need only accompany his/her students to lab during lesson – we provide certified teacher
  • Provides FUN and EXCITEMENT during learning process


  • Experiment – 50 to 60 minute Ag-based science experiment that follows the Scientific Method
  • Walk-thru – 30 to 45 minute class, offering an Ag-based story and hands-on activity.
  • Lab serves Pre-K thru 5th grades
  • 12 work stations for hands-on experiments
  • Five or six 50- to 60-minute sessions per day for 1st thru 5th grades
  • 30-minute walk-through sessions for Pre-K & K (Optional session choices for 1st & 2nd)
  • Scientific Method: Students identify & discuss problem, form hypothesis, conduct experiment, collect data, and draw conclusion
  • Meets West Virginia Department of Education 21st Century NxG CSO education standards

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